Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Love

 This weekend was packed.
Mr. H had hours upon hours of homework.
We had a ward chili cook off.
A lovely dinner party.
I spoke in church on "Strengthening Families and Marriage" for 15 minutes! (Which is a long time in my world) :)
C ran and ran and ran around.  Church is getting harder to listen to what's going on when you're chasing your child around the building.  
We're finishing the final season of LOST!
Sunday walk at Memory Grove.
We got to go to the Utah State Fair!!!
Baby C LOVED the horses.  
We got to pull out the FALL clothing!!!
He loved the cows.
Mr. H let him get close to the baby cows, and made his day :)

It was a good weekend, but really tiring.  Mr. H and I are trying to find the balance of work, school and family time.  
C is running around and getting into everything!!!  Does anyone have any tips for a 13 month old in church?
Also...being a rainy weekend, C and I have been getting really stir crazy.  Any ideas for activities for a 13 month old????

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