Monday, September 30, 2013


I grew up in an artsy home.  
My dad is an artist, and we loved to help out with projects. :)
Many of our family vacations consisted of us with all of our paints, sketch books and painting chairs painting the world around us.
I loved it.  
So, for my turn for date night, I chose to have a painting night. 
It was fun! 

<---Mr. H's brain creation.  That man does love the brain :)

----> I tried to do a little saying with flower borders.  It's harder to paint words than I thought :)

Anyway, it was fun to share something that I love with Mr. H.  And it was fun to mix all the colors to create the color I wanted.  It was fun to listen to music and talk.  It was nice to just sit and paint.  Sometimes, you just need something relaxing. 

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