Monday, August 26, 2013

A Tribute to First Day of School!!!!

 When Mr. H and I got married, I had two semesters left of school.  I did summer school at the BYU extension in Salt Lake, and then commuted to Provo for the next semester.  I was so excited to be done and finish.  But how I miss it now!  I get so excited for everyone starting, and seeing campus fill up and the groceries store getting busier-it's a great time of year.  For maybe even the first time of my life, I'm even a little excited for football season to start, now because I think school functions are a party. :)
Anyway, Mr. H and I started dating and got engaged his very first semester here the the U.  He's now in the last stretch, with only a year to go.  I've loved seeing his journey-I've always known he was smart, but I am constantly amazed at how well he continues to do.  He's quite an amazing guy, balancing school, work and a family at such a young age. 
Here is his first day of school tribute!!! 
*ha, I'm always much more excited for these pictures than him. :)

*I'm missing the first day of summer school pic :(

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  1. I'm glad you make Kyle do this. It is pretty fun!