Monday, August 5, 2013

Introduction part I.

I've wanted to do a little photo story to document for myself (I get sentimental) how time does fly.  Sorry for the picture overload. :)

Mr. H. and I met in elementary school and were friends all through high school.

Then Mr. H came home from serving an LDS mission, and we started to date and fall in love.

Mr. H proposed January 22, 2011

About a month before our wedding, Mr. H got sick.  With faith and prayer, we decided to move our wedding up and go through the scare together.

Our friends and families gave us the most beautiful wedding two people could ask for.  

Our little brand new family was blessed, and Mr. H got to be on the mend.
A couple of months passed, and soon, to our delight, we found that I was expecting!

We found it was a baby boy!

We went on a trip to North Carolina, where Mr. H. had served his mission.

We celebrated our 1st anniversary!