Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is the Place

   C and I were able to volunteer this summer at "This is the Place" park with my mom and two little brothers.  I spent two summers growing up volunteering with my best friend and her family.  This time around was a lot different, but it was still wonderful.  We volunteered eight times during the summer, and had a four hour shift.  They supplied us with authentic pioneer clothing, and we are assigned a home.  This year, we were assigned to the Charles C. Rich home.  It was pretty removed from the rest of the village, and so we were able to relax, chat and ride the train.
Chilling in the got to be so hot this summer!  How did the pioneers do it?
Charles C. Rich cabin (1st home in the valley w/ closets!)

C playing in the cabin

C and I

I was an American Studies major, and I love learning about the great men and women who settled the Salt Lake Valley.  Their courage and faith still amaze me.  They sacrificed so much to build up a beautiful home for their future generations.  It was so great to be there with my mom and brothers, as well as some of our family friends.  C loved hanging out with Grandma and enjoyed running around. Thanks mom for the awesome oppurtunity this summer!!!!

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