Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birthday Parties!!!

We were not sure how to go about doing C's birthday,
so we decided to do it in three parts.
On his actual day, we made him a cake and his favorite food (pizza!) and played with him and his new toys.  *note to self: do not bake a pizza on wax paper, unless you want to spend the rest of the night peeling it off. :)

C was not a huge fan of the cake, maybe being that it was a huge chunk of something on his tray. 

It had been a rough day...with falls that come with learning to walk and some tummy aches.  But handing him presents cheered him right up.  

Overall, the day was fine, and I'm glad C won't be able to remember all the tumbles and tears.

Fast forward to Saturday:
Part with Mr. H's family!!!
I didn't get that many pictures, but it was so nice of everyone to come out.  We enjoyed seeing Mr. H's grandma, and it was fun to see C feel so important and special.

Sunday we had my family over.  Again, it was so nice for everyone to come out.  Everyone always shows such love and support.  It was fun for C to see some of his 2nd cousins :) and great aunt and uncles, as well as his grandparents and great grandparents.  It was a nice night.  

Thank you all for making it such a great first birthday for C.  He is a lucky little boy to be loved by so many.  

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