Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Camping Extravaganza!

Out little camper
 I didn't grow up in a family that went camping.  My dad hated it, so we were more of a picnic and a hike sort of family.  Mr. H's family went all the time, and so he wanted to carry on that tradition this summer.  At the beginning of the summer we picked 4 spots, and then decided we would go on our ward's camp out.  We just got back from our final 5th camping trip of the summer.  I have to say, camping is a lot of work, but Mr. H makes it a lot of fun.  It was fun to have five mini vacations.

#1: Smith and Morehouse
For our first trip, we were really excited.  We had packed a ton of stuff, and we were hoping to go to the Spruce's campground up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We got up there and it was full.  So we drove for another hour and a half and there was a little spot open up at Smith and Morehouse.  It was so pretty! Kyle wanted a spot in the trees, so we set up camp, ate dinner, built a fire and put C to bed.  Kyle let us buy a guitar for the summer so we could bring it camping.  We enjoyed playing songs, reading our books, playing cards and playing with C when he woke up in the morning.  I loved this campground!  It was so fun to do a little trip just our little family. 

C (after a nap where he got roasted in the tent)
Father and Son's first camping trip :)
#2 Ward Campout (Pineview Resevoir)
This is such a fun tradition in the ward we live in.  Every summer, they rent a spot and people can go up, camp and go boating.  Mr. H had a lot of fun boating and it was fun to get to know some more people in the ward.  C, unfortunately was not cooperating very well and come to find out was pushing a tooth through, so it was a litle more stressful with him this time.  But the area up by Pineview is beautiful.  Thanks to all the people who worked hard to do this trip!
*no pictures :(

#3 Spruces Campground
This time we went up with my family.  My mom and brothers came up with me early with C so we could snag a spot. It was threatening to rain and lighting and thunder, but we decided to chance it.  We set up camp, set up a tarp for just in case.  Luckily, it didn't rain or storm at all.  Mr. H and my dad arrived and we ate dinner and then went on a hike at Donut Falls.  It was so fun!  We had such a good time with my family and it was fun to relax together.  We played the 'sausages' game, roasted marshmellows and chatted.  They went home that night, and we slept over.  I loved this campground.  It was so pretty.  

By the Falls
The boys by the donut 
C and Mr. H

Tired baby boy
The boys making the fire :)
#4 Currant Creek Campground
On this trip, we went with two other couples and their kids.  We didn't realize how far of a drive it was, and we got lost, and then ended up being on a dirt road for about 45 minutes.  It took about 3 hours total. :)  But this spot was incrediably beautiful.  There was a lot of red rock in the trees, and we saw a lot of wildlife, including a baby deer and a porcupine!  Once we got all the kids to bed, we roasted marshmellows and then just laughed and told stories around the fire.  The stars were magnificent.  The next morning we just hung out, went on little walks and let the kids play.  It was such a fun time and fun to chat with our friends. 
*Disclaimer: This was my favorite camp spot.  It was so removed, and you literally felt alone on top of the mountain.  I loved it.

#5 Sulpher Campground
For our final trip, we wanted to go to Mirror Lake with Mr. H's family.  His little sister just got her wisdom teeth out, but came too. (What a good sport!)  We got up the canyon, but all the spots were taken so we headed down to Sulpher.  (about 10 ish minutes down from Mirror Lake).  It was a nice spot, and we had a great time with Mr. H's family.  It was fun to chat, and C had a lot of fun with all the attention he received.  We played games, and then chatted.  They made us a really great apple crisp.  Then they went home, and we went to bed and woke up, made breakfast and came home.  We came home through Evanston, Wyoming, and it was beautiful.
The Boys
Dad and C
The Crew
Grandma and C
C trying to be patient while dinner is being made

It was so fun to see more of Utah this summer!!!  C did great camping, and it was so nice to get into the outdoors. 

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