Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trip to Utah Part 2

We split up our Utah trip in half, one with the G family, and the other with the H family.  

Before we did the official 'switch', we went to see some friends in the Village which was great.  I miss everyone up there!  Such good memories.  

Wednesday morning all the H girls made pies.  It was really fun!  I have to say, I was really impressed at how well everything turned out!  I made a phyllo dough chocolate mousse was delicious.  Can't go wrong with butter and mousse. 

We then were able to go to Mr. H's cancer appointment.  We were nervous on this one, as it was following a full body scan.  But we were so happy and thankful to find that everything looked perfect.  We are so blessed and it was a great reminder to have right before Thanksgiving.  

Thanksgiving at the H's was lovely.  I snagged a little hike that morning with Mr. H and Grandpa W and C that morning, and it was really great.  The weather was nice, and we took some pics of everyone and then had an amazing dinner.  We ate tons and had a good time chatting.  

C had a lot of fun with his cousins. :)

We were able to see Mr. H's uncles and Grandma D later that night and it was fun to catch a visit.  

The next day W and T took us out to Gardner Village to see the elves and take a little pony ride.  It was really fun!  C was very unsure about the pony ride, but the cowboy leading him was great and C finally got into it at the end.  He loved the little petting zoo afterwards.

His horse "Rodeo"...attempting a brave face.  

Indulge me in a bunny collage.... they had a brand new baby bunny and C LOVED it.  It snuggled right into him and he was so sweet with it.

Pure love right there.

We headed to Farmington Station that night and had a great night together.  It was fun to chat and hang out so much with W and T. 

The next morning we headed to Mr. H's sister's house and spent the day there with them.  It was fun, and it was fun to see C play with his cousins.  They were so sweet, and indulged us in a nap.  

That night we braved the crowds and went to Temple Square.  It was gorgeous....but SOOOOOO crowded!  It was really warm out and made walking around really nice.  

We also made it up to see his sister's new house, and it was so fun to see it and them!

We had such a great time hanging out with Mr. H's family.  They were so sweet, and we had some great conversations together.  

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