Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve

This was the first Christmas Eve Mr. H and I have ever done without our families.  (3rd for him since he served a LDS mission).  But together, it was our first. :)

We really wanted to have an enjoyable holiday, even though we would be missing our families.

On our agenda:

-Eat fancy dinner
-Act out Nativity
-Sing Christmas Songs
-Read Christmas Book
-Set out cookies and carrots for reindeer
-drive around and look at Christmas lights
-be Santa!
-watch a Christmas movie 
Our good little helper!  He loves pushing that ladder over to the counters to help us out!
Mr. H tried to spruce up our table a bit for me...who knew that a fancy dinner table for Christmas was important to me?

If you can't tell...that's Mary and Joseph, with Joseph insisting on holding baby Jesus and the sheep. 
The lovely shepherd coming to adore Joseph and the baby Jesus. 
The wiseman giving gifts
Ha!  Our nativity made me laugh, but it was fun to play with C and let him be a very hands on Joseph. :)

Driving around looking at lights was fun...C loved it!  It made me a little homesick seeing all the gatherings in people's's nice to be together on the holidays.  But I was also so grateful to be together with my little family.

We got home and put C to sleep.  And left out our Santa snack. :)  He was very intrigued by this.

Mr. H and I had a lovely evening watching Home Alone and getting excited!  It was a great night. 

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