Saturday, December 27, 2014

Miss K's Wedding!

I was so lucky to fly out and be a part of Miss K's wedding!

I was a little stressed out to be leaving my family, but it ended up working out great.

I was bored to death flying alone...seriously.  C has spoiled me with how much fun he is to fly with, and I read way too many books.

I got to hang out with my family a bunch which was fun.  My sister and brother in law were in town, and it was good to be together.

Miss K was so excited for her big day!  We did a trial run the day before, and then woke up at 5:15 like champs the morning of to get her ready in time.  She looked beautiful.

Her temple ceremony was beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing her take all the pictures afterwards.  The Salt Lake Temple sure is pretty.

We had a little bit of time, and so my parents and I browsed Anthropologie...which was really fun to do with them!  They are two people that truly understand window shopping and how to make it great. :)

The wedding luncheon was super nice, and it was fun to talk about Miss K.  And then they were off!  It was a great couple of days, and I felt blessed to be able to be there with her.  

Mr. H had a blast with C.  Every night they would send me pictures of all the fun they were having.  He also transitioned C into a big boy bed, which was nice to not have to stress out over. I felt really lucky to have such a great husband to take care of things at home so I didn't have to worry.  

I took a red eye flight home that night which was..... not that great. :)  But, everything was on time and I ended up sleeping more than I thought I would.  (Like on the floor of the Charlotte airport.) 

What a great week!

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  1. Aww, Katie looks so beautiful!! Wish I could have been there!