Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trip to Utah Part 1

Let's back up to about the middle of November. :)

We have just moved into our lovely new home.  

We love it.  

We did get mice....which was quite the bummer.  Mr. H told me I had to learn how to better handle those kind of stressful situations. :)

C and I left on our flight to Utah....he did so so well!!!  Seriously....this is the dream team travel kid.  We had a 4 hour layover in Chicago and he stayed happy and calm.  He fell asleep in my arms on both flights and it was very relaxing.  I loved flying with him.  

We got into the airport...

and I got a HUGE surprise!  My brother, S, wasn't supposed to get home from his mission till the very end of my trip (which I was super bummed about).  I walked down the stairs and there he was!!!  There had been a mix up with the mission president and Salt Lake about how long they were allowed to keep S out there, and he had to come home before his extension finished.  

I was stunned!  His flight had arrived about 5 hours before mine, and I think he was still a little shell shocked!  But I was SOOO excited!

The next day I planned my friend K's bridal shower...I was able to drive down and hang out with her in Provo (which is always a blast) and then we had the shower.  It was really fun...but mostly the best to hang out with her.  

Mr. H arrived the next morning.  We were so happy to see him!  

We were able to all hang out and mostly just look at S. 

We did get a gorgeous hike in on the mountain...we love our Centerville mountains!

The next day my parents took all of us up to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.  It was AMAZING!  I highly recommend this place!  We had a blast.

The CUTEST play diner...we could have spent forever in here.  C LOVED playing chef!

Dad looking so presidential.

Colonial C

My S grandparents came down to see us, (so good to see them), and then we got together with the G side of the family as well.  
We all went to church and took a mini fashion photo shoot....C felt pretty  handsome. 

We also included a Thanksgiving dinner.  So fun.

It was so great to spend so much good time with my family.  C loved his uncles and getting to know his Uncle S.  I loved all the long chats.  It was great to be together.

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