Thursday, October 1, 2015

One year in Boston!

We celebrated our one year in Boston.

What an amazing year!

We are loving our time here.  It's been such a growing experience for both Mr. H and me.  

We love having so many new places to explore.  We love getting closer as a family, and we love making great new friends.  

We are loving watching our boys grow up.  

We miss our families, and are glad we get to see them pretty often.  

I decided to make a 'boston' themed dinner to celebrate. 

We wanted to celebrate:
-we can drive downtown without a GPS!
-I can now parallel park with (nearly) no problems!
-we have experienced lobstah rolls, as well as the real thing
-our escapades getting lost in the city
-not having to move for a LONG time!!!
-and mostly, getting so closet together as our little family unit.

We made Boston Baked Beans, Durgin park Cornbread, and a Boston Cream Pie.

Note to self: NEVER attempt to make all of these at the same time ever again.

But, it was delicious.

We sure love 'our' boston!



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  1. Haha, this is awesome!! So glad you get to stay put for a while!!