Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween + playing catch up

We didn't want to skip Halloween, even though this year it was insanely busy and we were in the midst of packing up our house, so we did our best to make it fun for little C.

We painted pumpkins, which he loved.   That followed with the Curious George Halloween movie, which he also loved. 

He's getting to be such a cheese for the camera

Halloween day we took him to a Curious George book reading.  Cambridge has the only Curious George store in the world apparently, and they did a Halloween themed reading time, and then let all the kids meet George.  C was in heaven.  He loved it!  He talked all day how BIG George had given him candy.

That night we met up with our friends and their two cute little boys (one being 5 days old!!!!) and trick or treated in their neighborhood.  It was a GORGEOUS neighborhood, and I think all of us as adults enjoyed peeking into the houses when the doors opened.

C and their little boy M had a BLAST.  I was seriously surprised at how much fun they had.  They would toddle up to the door, knock and say 'trick-or-treat' in the cutest voices ever, and so obviously they got tons of candy.  

I was reminded at how great Halloween is: it was so cool to walk around and knock at perfect strangers homes, and them opening it up and being so kind to the kids.  Anyway, it was the funnest Halloween I've had in a LONG time. :)

Getting ready to this little pooh bear!

Daddy was excited!

Teaching them that pumpkins are not 'scary'....Little M was terrified of all the ghosts!

Trick or Treaters
 These next photos crack me up....C's face kills me. 

Such cute friends!!!!

We moved the next day!  It was a crazy time, and we were so blessed to have so much help!  C has struggled with the transition, but loves his 'new house'!  We are loving it.  

First night in the new house
These two love brushing their teeth together. 
 We did a little trip into the city.  It was really fun!  We checked out Copely square, (where the marathon ends), the prudential tower, and the boston public library.  The library is amazing!!! Holy cow...I wish I could spend hours in there.  We also made it to Newbury street, which is a fun street filled with shops and restaurants.  We all enjoyed getting out into the city!

Wearing Mr. H's hat...a perfect fit!

We get to head to Utah for two weeks.  We are so excited!!!! Until then! :)

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  1. I want to go there. It looks so amazing. Glad you had a great Halloween!