Friday, September 5, 2014

Pre-school adventures!

In the midst of unpacking, Mr. H and I both wanted to have some down time to have fun and enjoy this beautiful city!

We were able to go on a gorgeous kayak ride with C down the Charles River.  This was so AWESOME!  C loved being in the boat and wearing his life jacket.  He kept his hand in the water the entire time, and was in pure two year old heaven.  The Charles River goes right by our house and makes it way through Harvard and ends in down town.  We made it so we could see the view of the city skyline.  So fun and pretty.  

His little hand in the water

A random highlight of this adventure was a car drove into the river while we were kayaking.  No joke.  We rode past the scene probably five minutes after it had happened, and saw a giant thing in the water.  We thought it was a big rock, but then on our way back heard all these sirens and saw helicopters over our heads.  The police boat rode past us, and we saw them getting the car out of the river.  C LOVED the helicopters. :)  We then rode up past this family in a canoe that had seen the car dive in, and they had rescued the passengers in the car.  What a miracle for those people in the car.  Anyway, I was just glad to hear that this was not a normal occurrence. 

I went to our church group's playgroup in downtown and C got to swim in the Frog Pond in Boston Commons.  It was darling!  I love all the free public spaces here!  It was fun to hang out downtown and get to know some more people.  

We also got to go and see some fireworks over the Boston Bay.  I brought my camera, but sadly I left my memory card at home.  Major bummer!!!  There was a playground right on the pier, and we watched the sun set over the skyline---it was incredibly beautiful.  C had a blast playing, and then we waited for the fireworks.  We had amazing seats---we were right up against the ocean, looking straight at the city.  The fireworks were magical.  Truly magical.  It was so pretty to see them over the water and reflecting in the city's buildings.  C was a little scared at first (his first time)  but quickly warmed up to it and we just soaked in those magical moments together.  
All the way home C became a broken record: " the, purple, blue...boom!"  Over and over and over again.  It was darling.  He did not stop talking about them until he fell asleep, and the next morning the first thing he said was "Fireworks!"  It was fun to see him so excited.

It's sad to think that summer is on it's way out, but we are so happy we were able to have such an amazing one.  Happy End of Summer!!!!


  1. How beautiful!! What a perfect family outing!
    We went to Boston (for my first time) the last week of July and I fell in love with the city!! We went without Mia so we are definitely dying to go back with her!!

    1. Thanks! It is an awesome city---and so fun with little ones! You will have to make a return trip. :)

  2. You sound thrilled! So happy to be there. Glad you're off to a good start!

  3. Oh my gosh, that part about the car driving into the river!! Crazy!!

  4. Wow, the river looks beautiful!!!! Aww, cute little guy loving fireworks. I love it!