Friday, September 5, 2014

First Day of School + C isms

Mr. H started grad school this exciting!!!

He gets to ride his bike along the Charles, which is really nice...but we were not expecting how hot it was going to be!  He gets a little sweaty...but he's enjoying all the good exercise!!!

Our first day of school pictures:

C wanted his first day picture too. :)

C has been so darling lately.  

I've been trying to teach C who my brother S is on his mission.  We were going through family pictures, and I pointed to his picture and asked C who it was. "Jesus" he replied without any further thought. 

He loves playing duplos and filling up his cars with pretend gas. We were eating spaghetti one night and he started using the noodles as the gas line to fill up his cars.

He loves watching all the home movies lately, and calls them "C" movies.  So cute!!!

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