Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life lately

We are slowly adjusting to life here in Boston.  There are some difficult things, for example: driving.  DRIVING here is insane.  Seriously.  I won't scare everyone with how many near misses I've had, but that is by far the most difficult thing I've had to face out here.  Oh---and GRUMPY drivers.  My goodness, so much honking out here.


We've been having lots of lovely adventures, mostly close to home.  

Walking to our new library.  This gorgeous river walk is right outside our apartment, and we LOVE it.  

C discovered he loves loves loves whipped cream.  

C has been demanding 24/7 attention lately.  It is a little exhausting.  So I instilled a little thing called 'solo' time where he plays in his room for a short time, and gets to come out after the timer rings.  Anyway, so far it's been successful!  The last time, C had made a little train out of all his was so cute.   
Caught in the act: watching C movies to his hearts content with dad.

Some of my favorite things this week: my dutch oven cooking pot! (best wedding present EVER!!!)  Our window sills that can house plants, and looks over at the rivers.  Oh---and that cute face that loves to get his picture taken.  
and over again....the one in the middle was too funny not to share. 

Our beautiful temple here in Belmont.  


  1. PRETTY!! Your apartment looks SO cute. And is Christian done napping??

    1. Thanks Miss Casey!! And no he's not thankfully. That will be another blog post I'm afraid. :) ha

  2. What a gorgeous temple picture. And it's YOUR temple now!