Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving part 2

The second part of our trip was probably deemed a little more 'exciting' in that we got to stop at a bunch of different places.

After South Bend, we arrived in Kirtland, OH for some lunch and then to see the sites.

We had a great tour by some sister missionaries of historic Kirtland.  It was really beautiful.

We then headed down to the Kirtland temple, run by the RLDS church.  It was really cool to see the pioneer temple.

We made it to Niagra Falls that night.  We were able to see the falls all lit up, and we were pretty impressed.  It was fun to check something off my bucket list.  We had another late dinner here at a really good Italian restaurant called "michael's."

The next morning we made it to Palmyra, NY.  We ran up the Hill Cumorah and enjoyed taking pictures of the hill.  We got to the Smith farm and enjoyed an awesome tour of the farm.  (I thought it was awesome...the rest of my party thought that maybe knowing the origin of all the wood slats was a bit overkill. :) )  We ended in the sacred grove, which was beautiful as always.  We ate the best pizza I have ever had in town, and then continued on our way.

Mr. H's happy face during the tour...

These two found some frogs in the bushes...such cute boys. 
We arrived in gorgeous Massachusetts that night, and made it to our apartment safely.  We set up the beds and crashed.

Overall this trip was a blast.  It was so fun having my dad and O come with us.  We had so many great conversations, and C loved playing with them.  I loved seeing so much of the country.  It was a perfect way to start out a new adventure.  

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  1. LOL. Each wood slat, huh? You have some really beautiful photos here. It reminds me a trip we took a few years ago. I even got chills! What a lovely place to be.