Monday, April 14, 2014

Salt Lake Capitol + C Ramblings

This past weekend, I had a lot of stuff to get done.  
However, I really wanted to get up to the capitol, as I had heard it was really beautiful.
So I got my two cute boys and headed up there early.  

Salt Lake is so pretty...I am going to miss these mountains!

C climbed up ALL the stairs.  Notice his huge smile! :)

We tried to teach him to roll down the hill...
He ended up just scooting down it :
We are doing so well!  Mr. H is almost done with classes, we're having 70 degree weather and the future looks bright.  We are having our stressful days, but we are having fun in the process. C is getting so big and fun.  He loves grabbing me and Mr. H out of bed, holding both of our hands and bringing us to his bedroom to play basketball.  He makes sure we sit on certain parts of the rug, and then lets us all take turns shooting.  It is really sweet.  

This past week, I was reading this book.  It was extremely sad.  So sad, in fact, i started sobbing.  C was really disturbed by this.  He kept patting me, and trying to give me kisses.  I just kept crying.  Anyway, as I was sitting on the floor crying, he went and got a dish towel and came and wiped my tears away.  It was the sweetest gesture, and reminded me of how Christlike children can be.

Happy Monday!

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  1. He's so sweet and getting so big! I can hardly wait to see him!!!