Monday, April 28, 2014

Tulip Festival + Grandparents

Last week C and I were able to go to Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival with Grandma T and Aunt E + cousins.  It was a blast.  
The flowers were gorgeous and it was nice to enjoy walking around and chatting. 
We had an impromptu photo shoot of these two: C and cousin E.  

C and Cousin M LOVED playing in this fountain. 

The flowers were gorgeous and it was nice to enjoy walking around and chatting.  

Mr. H had his last day of class, which we were very excited about.

On Friday, I was able to attend a party celebrating my ancestor, John Jacques.  It was really fun, and I got to meet Elder Neil A. Andersen.  We went to dinner that night with my sweet S Grandparents.  
That night Mr. H and I planned out in a TON of detail our Europe trip.
It's going to be awesome!

Saturday morning, my S grandparents and two cousins came up and celebrated Easter at our apartment.  My grandma hid our Easter baskets throughout my apartment, and it took us over a half hour to find one of them.  She is a FANTASTIC hider.  They talked to us about making goals early on in life and committing to living the gospel.  We then went to lunch together.  It was really fun.  I am so blessed to have awesome grandparents!

We got to meet up with Miss K and her boyfriend in Salt Lake that night.  We had fun chatting, and took them to the airport. C really loves her.

Sunday was nice.  We were able to go visit Mr. H's grandma D.  We had such a great visit with her!  C adored her, and threw her balls, played with her toys and giggled the whole time.
  She gave him an ice cream sandwich and became his instant best friend.  It was fun to see her!

We feel so blessed to have such great families.  C sure is lucky to be loved by so many.

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