Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Switzerland, Part 6

Can I just say Switzerland is a dream?  Seriously a dream.  We were so BLESSED to have picture perfect weather the ENTIRE time.  

We slept in a little this day, and it was VERY refreshing. We hiked up to a little town called Murren (where a lot of our ancestors come from as well) and bout a lunch at the local grocery store. (bread, cheese, cherries and peaches---I felt just like Heidi) :) and then took a train and cable car down to Lauterbrunnen.

Stop #1 Rent bicycles and Bike to Trummelbach  Falls

We rented Mountain Bikes and began our ride in the Lauterbrunnen valley (which is where my G side of the family is from!!!).  It was incredibly beautiful.  Lauterbrunnen means 'many waterfalls', and the valley is full of them.  The water poured off the mountains and sparkled as if in slow motion.  The river was crystal clear.  It was gorgeous!!!! Sadly, my battery had died at this point, so I did not get any pictures of the Falls.  They were amazing!  We were taken straight into the inside of a mountain and then hike and see the most amazing waterfalls I've ever seen.  They were huge and powerful, and the water is perfectly clear.  This was a great stop.  

*pics from google :)

Stop #2 Mountain Bike Ride!
We took the tram back up to Murren and began our ride.  it was AMAZING.  The mountains are very very steep  and we flew down that mountain.  We were able to hear a real cuckoo bird (which, for the record, sounds just like the clock) and enjoyed the beautiful streams and flowers.  The best part though was just being with Mr. H and experiencing the thrills together.  One we got down, we biked the valley again and then returned our bikes.  We walked around the town, and then ate a dinner of authentic Swiss cheese fondue....which Mr. H HATED.  That night we were able to hang out at the hostel and star gaze in the hammocks on the porch.  Such a GREAT DAY!!!!

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  1. So jealous of where you guys stayed. Amazing pictures and looks like such a fun bike ride!