Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Switzerland, Part 7

Stop #1 Tram Ride to the Schilthorn

We woke up bright and early to ride up to the Schilthorn (one of the tallest mountain peaks in Europe).  It was a pretty ride up and the views at the top were nice, but we were actually kind of underwhelmed by it all.  The views were cool, but we probably would have saved the money and not gone.  Oh well---you live and you learn.  We were planning on eating at the revolving restaurant at the top, but when we found out it was 30 CHF per person for a little breakfast of pancakes under a warming lamp, we passed.  There was a James Bond movie filmed on this peak, and they had a museum.  We aren't big fans of James Bond, but it was a clever museum and got us some laughs,  We then went back down to Murren.  We were able to buy some delicious chocolate croissants and started getting ready for our big hike.

Stop #2 The North Face Trail

This was my favorite time spent with Mr. H the entire trip!  He is such a blast to hike with.  I told him he was my favorite person to hike with EVER, to which he responded "You're in my top five!" Ha.  Oh well.  This hike was a BLAST.  It was extremely steep though.  Seriously...the alps just go straight up and down.  One part of the trail was still through snow, which was pretty crazy.  The alpine villages we hiked through were still empty so we had the whole mountain to ourselves.  We were also able to see the Sprutz Waterfall--it was awesome!  We hiked right underneath it.  We hiked for about 5 ish hours and ended back in Murren and ate swiss chocolate and authentic Swiss Raclette, both which were amazing.  We enjoyed hanging out with everyone at the hostel.  It was an awesome end to an Amazing day.

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