Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We had such a great month of July.

First on the docket:

We had a weekend of H family reunions.  It was really fun.  We first went with Mr. H's mom side and it was great.  We had so much fun visiting with everyone.  The 2nd one was with his dad's side, and it was great.  There was swimming and a great BBQ.  Overall, it was a great day reconnecting with all the families.  

Grandma T also took us to the zoo.  C loved it this time around and we loved having it almost all to ourselves.  We had dinner up at Ruth's Diner afterwards which never dissapoints.  Unfortunately, the camera did not make it on this excursion, but we were able to really get in and enjoy it. 

Later that week my dad scored us some Motab tickets to go to their summer concert with... Santino Fantana (aka Prince Hans in Frozen).  It was an AMAZING concert.  Oh my goodness.  I will miss these concerts so much in Boston.  Anyway, C got sick so Mr. H had to stay home, and i tried to have him watch the youtube versions, which are not as good but here is the finale:

It was darling.  He is playing the Prince in Cinderella on Broadway currently, and it has become my dream to now go see it. :)

The next week was our adventure week.  Mr. H headed off to yellowstone up to Shoshone Lake with his dad, two sisters and brother in law.  They canoed in and spent a couple of days in a geyser basin.  Mr. H had such a great time, and I was so glad he got to spend some really good time with his family.

C and I headed up to Idaho with my family.  We got to spend some really good time with my mom's side of the family.  My parents went on a 14 mile hike one day, so C and I hung out with my grandparents a bunch.  We had a lot of fun.  

We then headed to the cabin for a couple of days.  Unfortunately, my time was cut short there, but we had such a great time while we were there.

So nice to relax and play in the water.  It was so great to be with my family.  

The rest of the week was filled with dr's appointments, family pictures, farmer's markets etc.  

The summer was great, and it was nice to relax before our busy month in august.  

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