Tuesday, August 26, 2014

C's 2nd Birthday

Catch up on August time... :)

C had a great birthday.  We had a birthday breakfast and let him open his presents.  

Tired birthday boy :)

We met up with Mr. H for lunch which was fun.  
Poor C had to share his birthday with moving hassle, but we still tried to make it fun.

Earlier in the week, we had celebrated a Midsummer Eve Party with my family, and mixed it with a b-day party with them.  It was cute, they had a donut cake for him and a balloon tied to his chair. :)

We had the Hansen family over on his birthday night.  

He loved his 'airplane' cake and got a little excited to blow out the candles...he kept blowing them out before the song ended. 

He had fun playing and it was good to see everyone!

That weekend we had a G family party with my side.  It was really great to see everyone before our big move.  

My parents gave C this bike, which he loved.

What a great birthday week for our C.  Happy Birthday!

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