Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In like a lion...

Isn't that what they say about march? "IN like a lion"????

Idk.  March has crept up on me and I literally can't believe spring is here.

Last week, the Hogle Zoo did a free day.  
A bunch of girls from the court packed up their strollers and headed out. 
Some of us decided to walk. (*note: 1.2 miles uphill).  
We looked pretty hilarious with our big stroller train.  

The zoo was fun!  
C definitely liked it more than last year, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE!!!
Herds of children surrounded every pane of glass.
Both C and I got overwhelmed by the crowds.  
Our favorite part though were the sea otters.  They would swim by and do flips and it was awesome.  

Thankfully, we were able to leave by noon, and we were amazed at how many strollers/children/cars were headed up Sunnyside Avenue.  

C has been being pretty funny lately.  
He leaves "cheesing" where he'll scrunch up his eyes and squint at us.
He loves trying out new words, like 'back pack' and 'baby'.  
He also is into water lately...
what a mess.  

I was able to go to my friend's baby shower.  It was a blast.  There is nothing like taking a bunch of girls with babies and talking all night long about babies. :)

Mr. H got to give a presentation down in Provo on Friday.  We spent most of the night before prepping, and him presenting to a half asleep me.  He likes to give it to me, because I then tell him what I understood and he modifies.  I loved being in Provo.  Props to both of our moms who came down to support.  
He did an awesome job!

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